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Education & Training

General Practice Registrars

We have a strong and continuing history of dedication to training and mentoring the next generation of General Practitioners, having been one of the first practices in Newcastle to participate in the training of General Practice Registrars. GP Registrars are typically doctors with numerous years of Post-Graduate medical experience and training in both hospital and community settings. They are accepted into and follow a training program which is delivered by GP Synergy.  

 There are three GP Supervisors in our practice who take responsibility for the on-the-job training and mentoring of our Registrars. 

Most of the doctors at Jewells have completed part of their training in General Practice here and have decided to stay long term. 

Our GP Registrars are highly skilled and dedicated doctors who have the required level of expertise to be working as General Practitioners with the support of their supervisors if and when required. We welcome your feedback on any aspects of your experience of seeing any of our GP Registrars. 



Continuing Professional Development

We host a fortnightly education meeting for local GPs in our conference room. The Hunter Postgraduate Medical Institute (HPMI) Belmont Cluster meetings occur every second Tuesday from 8:00am to 9:00am. HPMI arranges a program of speakers who are usually local specialists to present on a broad range of topics across the year. This meeting is open to any GP practicing in the area generally stretching from Jewells to Swansea. If you would like more information or would like to register to attend, please visit the HPMI site contact page

Our practice also holds a monthly educational meeting for all our doctors to attend. Being a group medical practice we benefit from the support and guidance of each other in maintaining a high standard of knowledge and clinical practice. Our meetings comprise a topic presentation by one of our doctors and subsequent discussion. 

We regularly participate in other educational activities including online education, other educational meetings, NPS (National Prescribing Service) clinical audits and case studies, and our own self-directed continuing education.


Medical Students

Our doctors regularly train medical students from the University of Newcastle. Students usually in 3rd or 5th years of study undertake General Practice placements with us, during which they gain invaluable experience in understanding and helping people with the broad range of health issues that we see. Many of our students have reflected on the fantastic learning experiences they have had whilst at Jewells. They have particularly appreciated the generosity of you our patients in participating in their training by giving them your time and allowing them to learn physical examination techniques and signs. 


Nursing Students

Our practice nurses enjoy the opportunity to periodically train Nursing Students on placement from the University of Newcastle. The experiences gained in General Practice Nursing are invaluable in the broadening of their knowledge and skills as they train in nursing.