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Health Advice and Vaccinations for Travel

We provide health assessment and advice for prospective travellers, including travel vaccinations. We stock a wide range of travel vaccinations on site for your convenience and can usually deliver those required on the day of consultation. 

If possible, please schedule your appointment at least 1 month prior to departure for travel to Asia, Africa, South America, the Pacific and Middle East, as vaccines commonly required for these regions require time to develop effectiveness. In addition, if you are likely to require Hepatitis B vaccination this is best attended to 6 months prior to travel.

It is important to consider the planning of management of your health conditions whilst you travel, particularly for people with chronic health conditions such as heart and lung disease, diabetes or who are taking medication requiring monitoring. Our doctors will ask you about these conditions and advise appropriate management.

Your medication needs must be considered, including arranging an adequate supply to take with you, safe storage and transportation issues.

If you are travelling to an area at risk of malaria infection, it is important that you bring along you itinerary to plan an appropriate strategy to prevent malaria. This may include medication, and will always include mosquito avoidance measures, including appropriate clothing, netting and insect repellent.

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