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Hunter Primary Care Psychology Services

Psychological services are available with Hunter Primary Care Psychology Services.

They provide a broad range of mental health services which are delivered by highly skilled and experienced mental health practitioners. Their programs include child and youth mental health, services for adults, and pregnancy related mental health issues. 

All of their services are fully funded by the federal government upon referral from your doctor, without any out of pocket expense to you. 

Please enquire with your doctor if you would like more information or to discuss referral to a psychologist. Our doctors provide holistic mental health care and can create a management plan and referral document which can allow access to medicare rebates for psychological services. Please note that medicare has criteria that must be met in order to access this scheme and your doctor can advise if you are eligible following consultation with you to assess your needs. 

Please note that our doctors also refer to a broad network of high quality local mental health services and psychologists apart from Hunter Primary Care, depending on what will be most appropriate for your mental health care needs.