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Nursing team

Our invaluable Nursing Team comprises Kim, Chris, Ashlie, Julie and Wendy who work within the practice throughout the week, and Jean who provides Home health Assessments for over 75 year olds. Together they bring a wealth of experience and expertise in General Practice Nursing. You will very likely meet our nurses through the many and varied ways they contribute to your care: 

  • Immunisation

Our nurses have extensive expertise in the Childhood Immunisation program and the delivery of the appropriate vaccinations our children and young people to protect them from preventable diseases. Our practice is a strong supporter of vaccinations due to wealth of knowledge and research that has demonstrated the enormous health benefits they provide. We recommend you discuss any vaccination questions or enquiries that you may have with either your doctor or any of our nurses. Reliable and evidence-based information about vaccination can also be found at the Australian Government's Immunise Australia website. You can look up your own child's vaccination record at the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register website, along with helpful easy to understand resources about vaccinations.

Our nurses also deliver immunisation services for the Covid-19 vaccination program, seasonal influenza vaccine, Whooping cough and other vaccinations such as Pneumococcal, Meningococcal, and vaccinations recommended for overseas travel. A new vaccine for Pneumococcal disease (Prevenar 13) is being offered free to all people over 70, along with a vaccine for Shingles (Zostavax) which is available for free to all 70 year olds. If you would like more information on our travel medicine service, please click here

  •  Medical assessment and treatment

    Our nurses are skilled in the initial assessment and treatment of acute illness and injury. They have expertise in determining the severity of your condition and initiating necessary treatment whilst awaiting your doctor. Our nurses will be involved in performing investigations such as ECG (heart testing) and spirometry (breathing testing) amongst other things. Our nurses are often called upon to deliver treatments such as medication, injections, wound management, skin dressings, removing wax from blocked ears, and assisting your doctor with any surgical procedures. We have a dedicated nurse clinic room, surgery room and 2 bed treatment room. 


  • Health assessments

Preventive health is a key priority of our practice, to help you stay healthy for the future. Our nurses are heavily involved, providing health education and care for people with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and lung disease. For people 75 and over we provide a home visit health assessment once per year. Please visit Our Services page for more information about Health Assessments and Clinics. 


  • Care Planning

Our nurses are involved in the formulation of and review of Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plans for patients with chronic or complex health conditions. You may be contacted by us about this program if you are eligible. We find that this program provides benefits in communication, education and co-ordination of your health care needs. Eligibility for medicare funding for Allied Health consultations also generally requires completion and regular review of a CDM plan. We welcome enquiries about this program if you would like more information and to have a plan formulated for you.