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Skin Checks


Being located in a beautiful coastal environment in Australia we have an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy, and many of us will have jobs outdoors, so skin cancer prevention and early detection is an important part of keeping ourselves healthy. 


The biggest factor in preventing skin cancer is protection from UV radiation from the sun, and we are strong advocates for the Slip (on a shirt) Slop (on sunscreen) Slap (on a hat) Seek (shade) and Slide (on sunnies) message.


Not all skin cancers occur in sun exposed areas, for example melanoma can occur on any area of the body, so protection from the sun is not the only thing to consider.


We encourage regular skin self examination and the timely reporting to your doctor of any skin spots that concern you or have changed in any way. This is particularly important for any spots that are new, have changed shape or size, have changed colour, have become raised, itchy or have started to bleed

We encourage all patients to make an appointment biannually (or more frequently for identified high risk patients) for a complete skin examination with your doctor.

We utilise full skin examination for identification of skin lesions requiring treatment. We perform surgical procedures including diagnostic biopsies, removal of skin cancers and other skin lesions, and utilise other treatments including cryotherapy and topical treatments where appropriate.

We work closely with our specialist colleagues in referring you on for further treatment if required.

A standard 15 minute consultation is usually required for a skin cancer check. If surgical treatment is required, this will usually be scheduled for another appointment to allow operating facilities and our nurse to be available to assist.

The Cancer Council provides excellent information about skin cancer and skin checks at: http://www.cancercouncil.com.au/skin-cancer/.