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If you are experiencing a medical emergency, telephone 000

To contact us, we suggest you use the following methods:

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  1. Telephone us on (02) 4948 6266,
    Monday to Friday 8am to 5:45pm, and Saturday 8am to 12noon

    For most enquiries we prefer telephone contact. This includes any enquiries related to appointments, medical problems, prescriptions, referrals, forms requiring completion, and anything requiring a timely response. Telephone contact is preferred so that our reception team can appropriately respond to your enquiry in a timely fashion.
  2. Call us if you require our email address to send information or requests

    If you are another medical practitioner, pathology or radiology provider, please note that we prefer to receive correspondence via Medical Objects if your practice is equipped.
  3. Complete the contact form below

    If you have an enquiry of a general nature about our practice, the services we offer, or a business related enquiry, please complete this form and we will respond to your enquiry. Please note that any enquiry regarding your health or medical questions must not be submitted in this way, as we cannot guarantee that we can respond in an appropriate timeframe. Please call 4948 6266 if your enquiry regards a health matter. 
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